Student comments on Global Citizenship – it starts with us!

'I felt a newfound joy and encouragement after the session. It was very motivational, especially towards the end. It made me realise I can change the world with my ideas and dreams for the world.'

'I was really unenthusiastic about coming today but as I got into the day I saw a totally new perspective on the day. You were so inspiring and I really feel like I can do something in this world to help.'

‘Peace is not necessarily when everyone gets along and there are zero conflicts. Peace, in my perspective, peace is when there is an idea or ambition for a better and less discriminating world. Peace is when people take action for the balance they want to see displayed in the world’

‘Action is when someone takes responsibility and decides to begin to make a difference and fight for what they want without helplessly sitting and whining about what is possible, never doing anything about it’

‘I learnt and noted down many quotes and stories. It has influenced me to take action and start with a little action’.

‘Today was a very good session. What I learnt was to not judge but to learn – which was a really good experience. It was amazing and I encourage you to continue educating teenagers with the Gandhi Experiment. Thank you very much.

‘Today I learnt:

  • -  About conflict resolution especially someone like me who has anger issues

  • -  I also learnt that you can change the world even with small stuff

  • -  And that although it may seem impossible it is always possible

  • -  I won’t judge, I will be curious'


Teachers, and others, comments

'Much is said about what skills our graduates will need to lead successful lives when they leave school. They will need to be creative thinkers, critical thinkers, collaborative, global citizens, able to adapt to change in a rapidly changing world. The Gandhi Experiment – teaching our teenagers how to become global citizens is a valuable tool for helping to prepare our students for the world they will inherit.' Polly Flanagan, Principal Shelford Girls School


'We had Margaret in to work with a group of disengaged students together with our youth ministry and it went very well. One student ran up to her Care group teacher at the end of the day to tell her it was her best day ever at school.' Joanne Alford, DP St Francis Xavier College


'Just wanted to express our very warm appreciation for your fascinating presentation as part of our change-­‐maker panel. Once again it was a session which helped people in a heart and mind stretching way and gave them some glimpses of how they might begin to use their lives in some change-­‐making capacity!' Rob Wood, Initiatives of Change