The Gandhi Experiment

Peace Building In Schools



Become trained in the internationally successfully student program: Global Citizenship - it starts with us! so you can take these activities directly into your school. 

What would happen if we equipped our children with the tools and strategies to create peace?

Margaret Hepworth, former Head of Campus at Preshil School, presents a dynamic new workshop for educators.  When seeking to implement the Australian Curriculum’s General Capabilities: Ethical Understanding, Intercultural Understanding and Personal and Social Capability, don’t just tick the box. Make this learning meaningful and significant to all our futures.


Questions for your students and you:

  • What values do you want to see in this world for your children / your grandchildren?

  • Waste / overpopulation / environmental sustainability – what have these got to do with peace?

  • Peace-makers as role-models. How did they achieve their dreams? What is their message for you?

  • You might be young, yet you are not insignificant. What is your role? Are you ready to take action?

  • How can we use our creative thoughts to build peace? What is ‘The Utopian Scale’?

  • Coming to peace with yourself; you have an innate peace-making ability. Let’s help you find it

One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.
— Malala

This is bigger picture thinking in education:

In utilising de Bono’s theory of parallel thinking, in providing scope for the multiple intelligences and employing positive psychology, the program teaches you to engage young minds in action and aids them in extending themselves beyond themselves.

The future depends on what we do in the present
— Gandhi

We invite you to be that teacher by initiating Global Citizenship - it starts with us! in your school. To enquire about the Teacher Training click the button below and complete the form to contact Margaret.

Margaret Hepworth

Margaret Hepworth is an expert in teenage motivations and behaviours; a thought leader in peace and values education; founder of the solution-focused, social enterprise, The Gandhi Experiment; an English and Humanities teacher of 30 years; recipient of the 2016 Sir John Monash Award for Inspirational Women's Leadership; creator of Collaborative Debating.

Margaret authored The Gandhi Experiment – teaching our teenagers how to become global citizens to provide others with tools to unravel hate, fear and discrimination. Teaching non-violence as a conscious choice, she helps prevent cyber-bullying, bullying, domestic violence and conflict. Teaching young people to find purpose aids in the area of mental health and well-being.