Nelson Mandela Foundation grants Australian author permission to use Mandela as fictional character

Permission has been granted by the Nelson Mandela Foundation of South Africa to use Mandela as a fictional character, as well as permission from Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to use controversial Captain Paul Watson in a cameo vignette. The de Bono Institute of Australia has allowed Hepworth to reference the theories of creative thinker, Edward de Bono.

New novel speaks in direct opposition to the Mayan Prophecy Doomsayers

Can sex take you to a spiritual dimension? And what on earth does this have to do with climate change?

Hepworth, author and educator of nearly thirty years is asking Big Questions and providing Big Answers.

Rosie O’Dea, 31, was born to make a difference. She knows it; she feels it. Yet now on a country road, her life hovers in an ethereal state between life and death.