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Announcing the Launch of The Gandhi Experiment's Collaborative Debating Manual: A New, Creative Curriculum Strategy for Your Constructive Classroom

Press Release

Melbourne, Australia

A positively new framework for Debating, where the ‘win’ is the solution to the problem.

The Collaborative Debating Manual is the latest educational tool for social change developed by Australian educator and author, Margaret Hepworth, founder of The Gandhi Experiment.

Announcing: Online Product Launch October 24th, 2016

For Schools

Imagine a debate where an Affirmative team is being met with a Cooperative team; a Mindful Coordinator chairs the debate; and a Mentor who doesn’t judge, score or rate, instead meters out a series of Guidances.
Now you have a Collaborative Debate – a debate that may actually get us somewhere beyond the arguments, towards the solutions that we are seeking. These are debates where young people develop skills for real life that move beyond simply learning for the sake of learning. They will take these skills into their homes, their communities and lives.

Product Launch October 24th, 2016: 

With the Collaborative Debating framework already trialed across Melbourne schools and business groups, this is what people are saying:

Margaret's amazing debating techniques and skilled, insightful facilitation helped us all understand how we can turn a combative, competitive state to one of deep compassion and collaboration. She changed our view of how debating can be done for ever. Highly recommended and essential learning for schools and companies everywhere.
Carolyn Tate, Founder of The Slow School for Business
Collaborative Debating is a useful tool for our community to learn how to tackle the big issues in a way that promotes solutions over winning. This could help our leaders of tomorrow to become more active citizens and thoughtful decision makers.
Hannah, Teacher at Templestowe College

In Waleed Aly’s recent address to Media at the Andrew Olle lecture, he called for change in media debates: “the two guests might be talking past each other…We’ve all seen examples where some kind of performed, heated disagreement stands in for an actual debate where people engage each other’s ideas rather than simply roll out their predetermined talking points.”

Collaborative Debating eliminates the adversarial nature of debate. It is designed to teach our young people critical thinking, reflection and cooperation. It is cutting-edge education that builds the framework for change.

Bringing the creative genius of Margaret Hepworth into schools across Australia.

Recipient of the 2016 Sir John Monash Award for Inspirational Women’s Leadership, Margaret Hepworth is the founder of The Gandhi Experiment, a social enterprise, whose vision is ‘World peace through education.’ Her drive and commitment for social justice has grown and flourished through her secondary teaching of 30 years. Margaret is the author of the forthcoming book: The Gandhi Experiment – Teaching our teenagers how to become global citizens. (Rupa, January 2017). Margaret is a former Head of Campus (Vice-Principal) at Preshil School in Melbourne, Australia, and an international educator.

“If our young people learn this as a tool to use in any aspect of their lives – in arguments with friends, conflict at home, tension in a workplace – can you imagine what this would mean for their futures?”
- Margaret Hepworth, Educator and Author          

Margaret Hepworth can be contacted at margaret@margarethepworth.comor on +61422154875 or

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