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I will be speaking at the Unleash the Beast Writing and Wellbeing Symposium on Wed Oct 10th.

I am excited and somewhat nervous - I admit! What will be special about this particular session on 'Bullying - Can we actually do anything to stop it?' is that as well as hearing from Tick Everett, father of Dolly Everett and co-founder of Dolly’s Dream Foundation, this will not just be a conversation. I will be demonstrating some of the techniques and tools that I use when working on these very same issues with young people in schools.

This should be very useful in progressing all our learning around this very serious issue - bullying - that not only continues in our schools, yet also too often in our workplaces, our homes and even our politics.

If you can be there, hope to see you there!

Cheery blessings,

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Initiatives of Change | Australian Newsbriefs Article | From Lahore to Dandenong

At 3.15 am, 28 March, Margaret Hepworth’s phone beeped with a message from Lahore, saying a school she had visited just a month before was ‘marked safe’ following the suicide bomber blast which killed 72 people.

Margaret spent the rest of her night on Facebook messaging her friends. ‘For the people of Lahore, Pakistan, my heart goes out to you.’ Then quoting a line from The Gandhi Experiment (her workshop approach to education): ‘To the people who perpetrate these acts, if you want your cause to be heard, to be known, then speak, because your violence deafens us.’

Inspired by her visits to India and teamwork with Indian educators (see Newsbriefs Feb 2015) Victorian educator Margaret launched The Gandhi Experiment last year to introduce non-violent peace-building into schools, here and overseas. Invited to present at Lahore’s Allama Iqbal Open University in February, she held four workshops in schools on the same visit. 

One day after returning to Melbourne she was in Dandenong, planning with Nazer Nazir, an Afghan graduate of Life Matters who started the Afghan Australian Initiative (AAI), for a school conference which, on 9 March, brought together 80 people – Afghan refugee youth and local students – to workshop on ‘Global participation – it starts with us’.

In between, on 27 February, Margaret and IofC volunteers also supported the AAI at their workshop for Afghan women on ‘Positive responses to negativity’, funded by Dandenong City Council. It was also attended also by Yvette Shaw, senior community engagement officer working on a social cohesion under the department of Premier and Cabinet, and by local MP Gabrielle Williams. 

Watch for more reports on or follow Margaret’s blog at

Peace Educator Margaret Hepworth visits The Universal School Mumbai

Peace Educator Margaret Hepworth visits The Universal School Mumbai

Peace educator Margaret Hepworth paid a very special visit to The Universal School. Her workshops - The Gandhi Experiment and Make Noise for Peace were well received by the students and teachers alike. An ardent believer of social justice, Margaret left her mark on the minds of all at Universal who pledge to incorporate her ideas and work with rejuvenated rigour on the theme of Global Citizenship.

Photos can be viewed at The Universal School's website. Click the title of the post to go straight to the article.