Press Release — Journey To India

Margaret Hepworth: Author, Educator, Facilitator, and Champion For Peace is off to India!

On her latest journey to the homeland of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi *and* one of the most important sites of growth in the coming century — Marg will be conducting peace-building in schools as part of The Gandhi Experiment: Developing Global Citizens.
She will be going to schools across India (both affluent and impoverished) and talking about what our future society might look like. This is the very society which these children will grow into and she will be asking them 'what actions we can take today to shape the future for the better?'

Marg has been making noise for peace here in Australia too. Recently, students of Auburn South Primary School became peace activists by holding a bold day long 'Peace Day' to celebrate the International Day Of Peace. Marg was the guest speaker at this inspiring day and recalls the following:

"We need millions and millions of custodians across this planet." This was the message given me by a ten year old Auburn South Primary School student. Oh yes, young man, absolutely we do! And I guess, more than anything, that is what The Gandhi Experiment is setting out to achieve.


In collaboration with the wonderful 'Education Today, Society Tomorrow' team Marg is now doing just that: recruiting thousands to be cusodians of peace across Australia, India, and indeed the world since as thesse children grow and move across cities and countries, so too will this culture of peace.