Marg Hepworth featured in India's 'The Telegraph'

MargHepworth Inida.jpeg

Marg has been making waves since arriving in India as evidenced by this article from Indian newspaper The Telegraph:

A messenger of peace from Melbourne

— Educator embarks on Gandhi experiment to  build kind communities in city cradles

Kindness begets kindness.

Melbourne-based peace educator Margaret Hepworth is harping on this message in Jamshedpur schools. 

In the steel city to conduct workshops for students and teachers separately on interaction and communicative learning, Hepworth on Wednesday mesmerised everyone at Narbheram Hansraj English School and Motilal Nehru Public School.

Her campaign, The Gandhi Experiment: Peace Building in Schools, aims to build a “kind community”. Her workshops include videos, Powerpoint presentations and an interactive sessions with the audience.

“Kindness always creates a community. So, as a peace educator I tell teachers how to nurture global citizens. They must engage every child in the classroom and work on radical thinking. To students, I ask them to have courage, to stop and listen to their inner voice and then advocate peace,” she said…


The full story can be read at The Telegraph's website. Click the title of the post to go straight to the article.