Education: The Dinner Party To Save The World — Teaching How To Make A Difference


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Education: The Dinner Party To Save The World – new workshop.

MELBOURNE, Australia – Author and educator Margaret Hepworth has created a student workshop: conversations that move students to action and commitment.


Secondary school students are invited to a ‘Dinner Party’ in their own classroom where, along with the scrumptious food, the main item on the menu will be their thinking processes.

Malcolm Fraser has called this ‘a very valuable project’. Well known educators, Rick Tudor, Principal of Trinity Grammar, and Jonathan Walter, Principal of Woodleigh Grammar, echo this enthusiasm.

Margaret Hepworth is a passionate and committed educator. She is driven in her work by a strong social conscience which she draws on to encourage students to act in powerful and meaningful ways to leave their mark on the world and have a positive impact. Being a highly effective communicator she sweeps you up with her enthusiasm and inspires students and staff alike to consider the big questions of life. Jonathan Walter, Woodleigh School

  • The program is designed to help secondary students enact significant change in our world through making decisions about changing their own behaviour. “Together we will be moving from our position as ‘interested by-standers’ to a place of action and enacting change,” says Hepworth.
  • Students will participate in thought provoking reading, listening, viewing and discussions. They will become empowered to see the contributions they can make – how they can take their voices beyond the classroom.
  • Global and national issues are addressed: waste and the environment, over-population, the food crises, connectedness across the globe, the implementation of more humanitarian goals.

Hepworth has years of experience on which to build this workshop - she has been teaching teenagers all her adult life. 25 years on she continues to teach with respect for each voice she encounters. An English and History teacher, former Head of House at Caulfield Grammar School, former Head of Campus at Preshil, having taught also in China and the USA, Hepworth is a story teller of great worth and has an uncanny ability to engage and elicit the best from students. Her passion in education is social justice.

The workshop is deliberately embedded with activities to engage audio, visual and kinesthetic learners. It appeals to academic, physical, artistic and musical intelligences and employs de Bono’s theory of Parallel Thinking.

We are all familiar with Gandhi’s words: ‘Be the Change’. How many of us are actively putting time into Being that Change?

The Dinner Party To Save The World - teaching how to make a difference.