New novel speaks in direct opposition to the Mayan Prophecy Doomsayers

Margaret Hepworth's New Novel 'Clarity in Time' Takes Readers on a Journey of Insight into the Human Psyche
New novel speaks in direct opposition to the Mayan Prophecy Doomsayers
Can sex take you to a spiritual dimension? And what on earth does this have to do with climate change?

Hepworth, author and educator of nearly thirty years is asking Big Questions and providing Big Answers.

Rosie O’Dea, 31, was born to make a difference. She knows it; she feels it. Yet now on a country road, her life hovers in an ethereal state between life and death.

Rosie is a young woman with an emerging psychic talent. As she views her own life in replay as it “flashes before her eyes”, something strange begins to happen: she is privy to secret moments in the lives of others. Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, a Captain, a surgeon. And over and over she hears a voice, “If only they had listened.” Rosie will find herself having to make a decision she could never have predicted.

Underpinning this cleverly crafted novel, Hepworth is hard at work on core philosophies and values. In “Clarity in Time,” she asks:

• In a search for self, how can I be true to myself when I feel I don’t know who I am?
• What are we doing to develop our thinking? What are we doing to develop our social intelligence? What price human arrogance?
• Can sex take you to a spiritual dimension?
• Is there a divine being that is greater than us? Or is there a divine being that is Us?
• What is the best thing you have done for a friend? Or for a stranger?
• When we ‘make love’ are we actually making love?

“Clarity in Time” invites the reader to participate in a journey beyond the novel, a journey through their own lives as significant players in the shared story of the world. As a proponent of positive psychology, Hepworth urges readers to step out into the world with hope, clarity and purpose.

Permission has been granted by the Nelson Mandela Foundation of South Africa to use Mandela as a fictional character, as well as permission from Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to use controversial Captain Paul Watson in a cameo vignette. The de Bono Institute has allowed Hepworth to reference the theories of creative thinker, Edward de Bono.

Says Hepworth, “Right here and now, we have the ability to be the most cooperative of all the generations of humanity over time.” Her maxim: hope in action.

Hepworth calls herself a Risk-Thinker. These are the few amongst us brave enough to prick at our consciences.

Our aim now is to find clarity in time.

Hepworth lives in Melbourne, Australia. She is available for interviews and may be contacted via email Her novel, “Clarity in Time” is available through and other well-known sites, including