Global Citizenship it starts with us!

Global Citizenship – it starts with us! is a one day student conference which brings together secondary students  to consider their role and relationship with global and community issues.


  • Developing ourselves as global citizens
  • Conflict resolution; Forgiveness and reconciliation; Anger Management
  • “Almost Impossible Thoughts” - students step forward as the key players in their own design for change

The day begins with an interactive presentation and moves through a series of role plays, provocations and discussions until learning culminates in a final workshop that allows students to now step forward as the key players in their own design for change.

The student conferences highlight much needed values education for teenagers. The purpose is to move teenagers from apathy and despair to a point of action, whereby they are able to translate their own ideas for positive change into action.

Underpinned by a dedicated educational philosophy, this program teaches young people how to actively engage. The Global Citizenship conference will provide a clear avenue for students to begin examining a deeper purpose and to discover that ‘change really does begin with me.’ 

The conference has experienced great success in schools in Melbourne and across a number of cities in India, Pakistan and Indonesia.

The Gandhi Experiment  often partners with the Afghan Australian Initiative to hold this conference in schools in Melbourne, with a focus on engaging young people from various communities, building bridges of trust and friendship.

We are proud to be part of the growing global movement for non-violence.

Comments from students having attended The Gandhi Experiment:

I have yet to forgive them, but I have no interest in revenge anymore, but instead to work towards forgiveness, but most of all, peace.Mira, a Palestinian girl now living in Melbourne

I would love to be able to make a meaningful difference to this world one day and I left your conference feeling extremely motivated to stand up and take action.

What you told me about finding a passion; it made me realize that in the future, I want a career in which I can help people.’ 


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