Engage Margaret Hepworth As Your Next Speaker

For the past 5 years Margaret Hepworth has journeyed into schools, cities, towns and villages across Australia, India (including Kashmir), Pakistan, Indonesia, Fiji and China.

Her journey is incredible; the lessons invaluable.

“Living the global citizen.”

“My life as a global citizen. What does it mean to me? What can it mean for you?

Margaret is a highly engaging, motivational speaker, guaranteed to both entertain and inform your audience. She speaks on a range of topics, including:

  • Global Citizenship;

  • Empowering women;

  • The call to more values education;

  • Collaborative Debating;

  • Non-violence as a conscious choice;

  • Teenagers;

  • Positive Thinking;

  • and her own extraordinary personal journey as a change-maker.

Recent Keynote Speaking engagements include:

ACS Seminar

Dare2B Youth Conference

Compassionate Gold Coast

Vision International

Recent Guest Speaker engagements include:

African Family Services

Wise Women – International Women’s Day evening

Thought-post Governance Directors’ Luncheon

Women in the Changing world of Work, Tata Seminar, Noamundi

Rotary Club

Unleash the Beast Mental Health Symposium: Sticks and Stones - Words Can Kill. Bullying - Can We Actually Do Anything to Stop It?

Margaret has convened book launches and Collaborative Debating forums.

Margaret is available to speak at your work or social event.

Call: +61422 154 875

Email: Margaret@margarethepworth.com