Margaret Hepworth of The Gandhi Experiment introduces:

Collaborative Debating©

In direct contrast to traditional adversarial debates, collaborative debating results in a real win - students finding a solution to the problem, whilst all the challenges of critical thinking, positing an argument, and thinking on your feet are maintained.

Imagine an Affirmative team being met with a Cooperative team; a Mindful Coordinator chairing the debate; and a Mentor who didn't judge, score or rate, yet instead metered out a series of guidances. Now you have a Collaborative Debate – a debate that may actually get us somewhere beyond the argument, towards the solutions that we are seeking. A debate where the skills that young people are learning are not simply for the sake of learning – they are life skills.

Teach your students new skills relevant to the world outside the classroom; relevant to the school yard and beyond: Collaborative debating.

We are now available to attend your school either to train your English and Humanities teachers and / or work directly with the students in this exciting new debating methodology.

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Having done a lot of traditional debating, I learnt through collaborative debating how much more respectful and beneficial it is to work collaboratively and to be open to the ideas of others.
— Ella student at Templestowe College
Collaborative Debating is a useful tool for our community to learn how to tackle the big issues in a way that promotes solutions over winning. This could help our leaders of tomorrow to become more active citizens and thoughtful decision makers.
— Hannah teacher at Templestowe College

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Margaret Hepworth: Education today is our society tomorrow



‘Collaborative Debating is tomorrow’s political and social progress.’

‘Learning Collaborative Debating is rigorous yet fun, and is team building in itself.’


Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I'll meet you there.

Rumi 13th century