Clarity In Time

Asylum Seekers: 10 Things You Can Do

Have you been wondering about the asylum seeker debate in Australia? Would you like to become better informed? Would you like to do more? Click on the links below to find a list of items that range from reading and viewing to becoming actively involved.

Malcolm Fraser, former Prime Minister, speaks on multiculturalism and matters that count

On 16 April 2013 I was privileged to attend the book launch of "The Promise of Diversity" and hear the Rt Hon Malcolm Fraser speak. His speech on issues of the past and present in Australia was open, honest and, indeed, inspiring. I was left wondering why so many of our current politicians seem unable to speak with such clarity and humanity.

The end of the world did not come and yet there are things in this world that should end.

The world did not come to an end on December 21 and yet there are things in this world that should come to an end. Poverty and greed are but a few amongst the big ones. Others? 1. The cultivation of fear as a social norm in the USA is leading to the response 'we must all bear arms.' Yes, America, it is written in your constitution that you all have the 'right to bear arms.' Yet have you stopped to think that this therefore also infers you have the 'right to not bear arms'? It would be of untold benefit for your children to see you implenting that right as a strategy for a better future. End the fear, build positivity. 2. Judgemental attitudes: The concept of superiority.