A transformational student conference

The world needs to change and every teenager knows it. But how do we get them on board? Really stepping up? To make that move from apathy to action?

Teaching teenagers to be advocates of global non-violence – forming positive and empowering relationships with people and the planet - is essential.

The Gandhi Experiment is on a mission to conduct transformational student conferences in as many schools as possible.

We get ‘them’ on board, by getting on board for them.

What is the “Global Participation – it starts with us!” student conference?

International educator Margaret Hepworth facilitates this one day conference for secondary students. Through interactive presentations, role plays, provocations and discussions, students consider their role and relationship with global and community issues, developing themselves as global citizens. Learning values, conflict resolution, forgiveness, reconciliation, anger management and how to actively engage - students create their own ideas and design for positive change. Teenagers examine a deeper purpose; they discover that “change really does begin with me.”


Making a donation counts in a myriad of ways. Whilst some of you will choose to direct your donation to a specific school, others will generously donate to those schools that cannot afford it. You will be bringing the conference, the learning, the thinking, the critical pedagogy, to them.

Step 1:

Go to:

'Educating for a non-violent world'

Make your donation. Then nominate your school and year level in the comments box.

Note: The Global Participation – it starts with us! conference is designed for secondary students. We can also tailor the program for upper primary.

Step 2:

Encourage others, both in your school community and beyond, to donate, always nominating your intended school and year level in the comment box.

Idea: Ask local businesses to donate.

This part is easy – just send them the link through Facebook or email.

Get the buzz happening!

Step 3:

Let your school Principal know you have nominated the school.

Let her/him know the year level you are wanting to be the participants.

Step 4:

At The Gandhi Experiment, we will record each donation that comes in for your school. When you reach the target of $500AU we will contact your Principal to organise a date for the Global participation – it starts with us! conference to be held with your students.

It's that easy!

Here’s how it works:

The full day program costs $600AU per school

You raise $500AU for your school through the campaign

The school makes a commitment of $200AU

'Hang on! That adds up to $700AU! And you said the program only costs $600AU.'

Yes. For every school raising money, $100AU is part of the Pay-it-forward system that will take the student conference into schools and areas that cannot afford it.

Part of the learning for the students is a change of approach to the way we relate to the world. Instead of ‘I win, you lose,’ we are re-framing our thinking to ‘When I win, you win too.’ We will let your students know to which schools this extra money has gone.

Every part of what we do at The Gandhi Experiment incorporates this attitude. So, right from the outset students are learning, 'If we raise money for ‘us’ to benefit from this international educational program, then we are also raising money for others to benefit too.'

Educating for a non-violent world

If we raise money for ‘us’ to benefit from this international educational program, then we are also raising money for others to benefit too.
20141021_130523 (1).jpg

At The Gandhi Experiment we are teaching altruism.

Don’t forget to go to and press LIKE to gain updates on the ‘Educating for a non-violent world campaign.’

For now, we are reaching out to 20 schools in Melbourne (and regional Victoria, Australia), India and Indonesia in 2016. One of these can be yours, when you nominate and raise the funds. (For India and Indonesia please email us - see below). With future donations, we can rapidly take this program well beyond this number and these areas.

If you reside beyond these areas, remember that every donation is a step towards creating a more positive future, and a healthier, safer planet.

When each child / teen learns to make better choices, they become a multiplier in making change.

So, every donation makes a difference.

The Gandhi Experiment is a social enterprise based in Melbourne, Australia. Our vision is World peace through education. Please note: we are not an NGO or NFP.


Inquiries:   All inquiries are welcome.