How you can help to change the world

A WORLD WIDE AWAKENING is taking place on
Saturday December 22nd, 2012 @ 10:00am
A communal guided meditation for anyone who is willing to participate

Do you need a degree to help save the world? No all you need is permission from yourself. Rosie O’Dea, Clarity in Time (Margaret Hepworth, Balboa Press).
After reading Margaret Hepworth’s new novel, Clarity in Time, just like Rosie O’Dea, a fictional character from the book, Donna Smith has given herself permission to do her bit to bring about a better world.
Clarity in Time invites the reader to participate in a journey beyond the novel, a journey through their own lives as significant players in the shared story of the world. Hepworth urges readers to step out into the world with hope, clarity and purpose.
Says Hepworth, “Right here and now, we have the ability to be the most cooperative of all the generations of humanity over time.”
Smith says, “Our aim is to get as many people expressing a message of peace, love and harmony at the same time (WORLD WIDE)” at 10:00am EDT. Everyone is asked to meditate to the 30 Minute Guided Meditation called "Harmony" that will be provide via YouTube link an hour before the event. Participants will be notified via Facebook and email regarding the YouTube link. An international clock allows people to adjust the time to their particular time zone, so that everyone is meditating the same message at the same time worldwide. “This is my simple contribution to saving the planet.”
“The idea for World Wide Awakening emerged after reading an exceptional novel, Clarity in Time, recently published by Margaret Hepworth. Hepworth invites us all to commit to even the simplest of actions to elicit positive change in our world. It got me thinking about what I could do to change the world."
They Mayan's predicted the end of the world as we know it (not the actual end of the world as many are suggesting), so Smith linked that idea with the possibility that if enough people want the same thing, then change can be achieved.
Following collaborative discussions with the author, an idea was forged to hold the collective meditation, on or around the 21st December 2012 (in line with the 2012 prophecies), to bring about a worldwide shift in energy. The aim: to refocus our attention and intentions on thoughts and actions of love and harmony, instead of the negativity and turmoil that our world seems to be experiencing at this moment in time.
These two women have created a shared goal and invite you to join them: Here's How
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Donna Smith may be contacted on: (m) 0416 213 971 (e)

Clarity in Time may be purchased as a paperback or e-book through Amazon or Balboa Press