“Too many people are experimenting with war and violence. We need more people experimenting with peace and non-violence.”


Welcome to Margaret Hepworth of The Gandhi Experiment - where change begins with me!

And by ‘me’, I mean you!

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“Margaret Hepworth, founder of The Gandhi Experiment, is an expert in teenager motivations and behaviours. She is the recipient of the 2016 Sir John Monash Awards for Inspirational Women's Leadership”

“The Teen-Angers” on-line video series is here!. This highly impactful series provides you with wonderful tools and strategies for teenage anger management. Great for you; great for them.

The "Teen-Angers" is a new series on Anger Management -set to help parents and teenagers. The Launch video package of three on-line videos also includes two Bonus Videos. Here is an introduction to "The Teen-Angers."



Margaret Hepworth specialises in peace and values education and global citizenship.

“My vision is world peace through education.

My student conferencesteacher workshops and collaborative debates have been highly successful in implementing change. The Gandhi Experiment work teaches non-violence as a conscious choice, utilising innovative methodology that helps get to the root cause of hate, discrimination and inequality. We successfully teach the value of social cohesion. 

We empower people to imagine and create better lives for themselves and others by teaching them the tools and strategies for non-violence, inclusion and altruism.

I am proud to be part of the growing global movement for non-violence. 

You can purchase my books, engage me as a speaker / workshop facilitator or learn a myriad of new ideas on my blog.”

Engage Margaret… 


Margaret provides workshops for students and teachers, future leaders and current leaders.

Keynote Speaking

Margaret is a highly engaging, motivational speaker, guaranteed to both entertain and inform your audience.

Her highly engaging presentations wove a tapestry of historical peace achievements together with practical positive strategies for conflict resolution, anger management and proactive behaviours to enrich cooperation, relationships and personal wellbeing
— Con Pakavakis, teacher
Margaret is a dynamic powerhouse in leading, motivating and creating attitudinal shift
I wanted to email to thank you for your inspiring talk on Wednesday. I really enjoyed being a part of the conference and am in great admiration of The Gandhi Experiment
— Beth, a student at the 'Global Participation — it starts with us!' student conference
I thought these sessions were extremely useful. I think this experience will open up thoughts, initiatives and comments on major global issues that impact our world in a variety of ways.
— Student at Beaconhills College

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